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  • Car key replacement

  • When you lose the key to your vehicle, you might find that calling the dealer is your first instinct. At Emeryville Locksmith, we want you to know that you can call us instead. Whether you need a car key replacement for an older key or a newer one that has a chip inside, our talented crew can replace that key faster than you might believe. Other situations we can help with include:

    • broken keys
    • bent keys
    • keys trapped in the ignition
    • keys stuck in your door

    Even if you used the same key for years without any problems, it takes just a little too much pressure or energy for that key to snap off and break. You might feel frustrated because of problems at work or a minor argument with your partner, shove the key into the ignition and watch as it breaks in half when you try to turn it. The dealer may require that you bring the car to the lot, which can mean an expensive tow that you pay for out of pocket. When you use our automotive locksmith services, we will come to you.

    As your leading Emeryville locksmith, we bring years of experience to each unique situation we face. We have experience working with the top makes and models, including domestic models and models imported from overseas. Our talented crew can work with a brand new model that just rolled off the lot and older models that you owned for years. Even if you broke the key off in the lock on your car door, we have the skills necessary to both remove any pieces of that key left behind and to make you a brand new key. We can even rekey your ignition to protect you even more.

    When you lose your car keys, you might feel panicked. You never know who might find those keys or what they will do with those keys. Instead of staying up all night and worrying about someone stealing your car before you can get to the dealer, call our head office. As a 24 hours locksmith company, we have trained technicians ready to leap into action after your call. Whether you need locksmith services in the middle of a holiday weekend, first thing in the morning when you wake up, late at night or even in the middle of the day, we can get your car keys made.

    Experts recommend that you have three keys for each vehicle you own. The first key is the one that you use every day; the second is a backup key that you keep on hand for emergency situations, and the third is a backup that you keep at home or in your office. When you need a backup key made from your original, or you want a car key replacement, call our office as soon as possible. We can remove a broken key from a door or ignition, replace a door lock or make you a brand new key on the spot.