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  • As a responsible business owner, you need to know what steps to take in each and every time of emergency. When it comes to commercial locksmith services, you can rely on Emeryville Locksmith trustworthy services. Unlike other locksmith companies that will come out, look at the problem and then make a list of everything they need to, which often involves a drive back to the shop, we are a mobile locksmith company. When we come to your place of business, we have all the tools necessary to make repairs to your commercial locks to help you get back to doing business faster.

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    Our trained and talented locksmiths have experience with a broad range of commercial grade locks, including those from the biggest manufacturers and those created by smaller companies too. We can rekey locks after an employee loses or misplaces a key, repair a lock after a key breaks off inside the lock or simply replace one or more locks. You may need to replace those old locks because a laid off employee took your keys. We will never judge you or even ask why you need the job done. The only thing we care about is providing you with the professional services that you need.

    Some of our clients need help with a master key replacement. While using one key for all the locks in your commercial property cuts down on the time you waste searching for your keys, it also leaves your business exposed to a number of threats. If someone finds that key, that individual can access every part of your company. We can replace multiple locks at the same time or change those locks to work with a brand new key.

    Our clients also call us for help with cabinet locks. Using cabinet door locks is a smart and safe way to limit the access that workers have to supplies and products. Offices use these locks to keep employees from accessing the confidential information of clients, while retail shops use these locks to keep expensive items under lock and key. Whether you want to repair or replace the locks on your cabinets, we can take care of those locks right on the spot and during your first appointment. Why waste a lot of time repairing or replacing locks? We can handle all types of jobs in just one appointment. Some of the other services we offer include repair of high-security locks, padlocks, grade 1 locks, magnetic locks, and intercom systems.

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    Our clients know that they can call on us for help with lock repair, key replacement and dozens of other jobs. Our mobile locksmiths will bring everything they need to your job site, take the time to look at the specific problems you have and offer suggestions as to what you need. Call today for emergency help or to schedule an appointment during regular business hours.