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  • Keyless Entry Locks

  • While your home is your sanctuary and the one place in the world where you feel safe, it may not feel that way after you discover that someone broke in through a window or busted the lock off your front door. A new method called bumping allows burglars to place a blank or generic key inside the lock. They then apply enough pressure that it causes the lock to tumble and opens the door. One way you can better protect your home and reduce the risk of thieves breaking in is with the installation of a new lock and the help of a commercial locksmith.

    At Emeryville Locksmith, we offer services designed for both residential and commercial properties. As a homeowner, you can call us and request the installation of a new lock that uses a numeric code instead of a traditional key. These new locks even come with an app that you can use on your phone. A few swipes of the screen will automatically open the door, even if you’re miles away from home. This can come in handy for those who have gardeners and others working in their homes and those who have kids too.

    Keyless entry locks are also perfect for a commercial property. Even if you hired every person working for your company yourself and trust those employees with your business, you never know what might happen in the weeks or months after a new person starts. They might gain access to the stockroom and walk out with thousands of dollars in merchandise, or new workers might steal confidential client details and sell that information to others. Putting new locks on office doors, your front door and any private areas of your business will limit who can enter to only those who have your own private code.

    We can also help with high-security locks. These locks come in different styles, and most offer more protection and a higher level of defense. One example is a restrictive lock, which has multiple pins inside that keep others from bumping it. Other business owners may prefer locks that offer resistance against forced entries. No matter how hard someone hits that door or fights with the lock, the lock and door will remain tightly closed. If you have questions about which types of locks are right for your commercial business, contact us. We can actually send locksmiths to your business to examine your existing locks, find out what you want in new locks and recommend some high-quality products.

    Your home and business are equally important to you, and all our locksmiths understand that and will help you put your personal and professional needs first. With keyless entry locks, you can increase the amount of protection that you have against threats like employees with grudges and thieves casing your home. Emeryville Locksmith is a commercial locksmith that can replace, repair and install locks that use a keyless system for both residential and commercial properties.