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  • Master Key Systems in Emeryville, CA

  • Having a master key can make your life a little easier but also make your life a little harder. These systems rely on one single key to open a number of different doors. You might install a system in your home that lets you unlock both your front door and back door as well as any side doors with the same key, or you might use one of these systems in your business. Companies can use master keys to let managers and other workers get things going first thing in the morning with minimal fuss. If you misplace that key, though you need the services available through Emeryville Locksmith.

    We are not the standard locksmith that you see listed online or in the phone book. Every van and vehicle that leaves our head office functions as its own mobile locksmith shop. The professionals that we send to your home or business know exactly how to replace locks, rekey locks and even cut new keys for you on the spot. We can even make multiple keys for all the managers and directors working for you. As we come equipped with everything we need for the job, we can take care of your master key systems in a fraction of the time that you expected.

    Some of the customers who call on us for help include:

    • retail shops
    • office complexes
    • hospitals and doctors’ offices

    master-key-systemsThese businesses and companies cannot waste time sitting around and waiting for a locksmith to arrive. They need to treat patients, assist clients and help customers as quickly as possible. As we function as an emergency locksmith, you’ll find that our services are available 24-hours a day and seven days a week.

    A common reason businesses call on us is because of disgruntled employees. While you might think that you can trust everyone who works for you, you never know what might happen in the future. After letting go of an employee, that worker may use his or her key to access areas with confidential client information or enter your warehouse and steal from you. As a commercial locksmith, we can swap out those old locks in an hour or less and let you rest assured that no one can or will steal from you again.

    We have years of experience as a 24/7 mobile locksmith company, which means that you can call us at any hour of the night or day. Even if you close down your commercial office building on the weekends or holidays, you may have an emergency and need to get inside quickly. One call to us will let you schedule a time for one of our locksmiths to come out, assess the situation and decide what to do. If you own a business in or around Emeryville, call Emeryville Locksmith for the replacement of or help with any of the top master key systems.