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  • Contact Emeryville Locksmith to receive a free estimate for any work that you need to be done with your locks or keys. Alternatively, you can complete an online application for locksmith services, and one of our knowledgeable specialists will return your call with some information that you will truly appreciate. He or she will give you an estimate for the local locksmith work that you need in your home, office or vehicle. You are under no obligation to secure our services. All you have to do is consider our offer. If you ask us to come and assist you, however, we will be delighted to come and assist you.


    Free Estimate for Auto Locksmith Help

    We will provide you with an estimate for 24 hr locksmith assistance if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. Our certified technicians have the tools necessary to free you from your ordeal quickly. They can make you an entirely new set of keys, as well. They have the training and the skills to adapt to whatever you may need. Emergency assistance is just a phone call away. Let us know when you are ready to receive locksmith prices.

    Free Estimate for Residential Locksmith Assistance

    You can get a free estimate for cheap locksmith help at your home. The term cheap does not mean low quality in our business. Our services are affordable for you, but they are neither mediocre nor poor. Emeryville Locksmith always strives to make sure that every customer that contacts us is treated like royalty. We appreciate your business and will reflect that in our work. We can help realtors with key and lock issues, as well. Our locksmith for realtors can install numbered padlocks and perform lock changes for homeowner switches. Call us soon for an emergency locksmith appointment.

    Free Estimate for Commercial Locksmith Services

    We provide an array of locksmith services for local businesses. We understand how it is to run a business and constantly worry about your investment. Hopefully, we can ease some of the worries by creating an up-to-date locking system for the storefront that will not be easy for a person to crack. Just call and let us know what you need. We will tailor a solution that will be both secure and affordable for your business. Contact us for new locks, rekeying and more. We will come out to you as soon as you request our assistance.

    The Free Part Never Changes

    One thing remains consistent no matter what service we are discussing: the free part. Your estimate is always 100 percent free. We do not believe in charging a person money just to let that person know what his or her needs are. We believe in transparency and honesty, which is why our firm has been standing for so many years. Give us a call and let us help you. You can leave a message by short form if you feel more comfortable communicating in that manner. We are the leading locksmith in the Emeryville and surrounding areas. Use the “find a local locksmith near me” tool to find the closest location.