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  • Security Door Locks


    security-door-locks-emeryville-locksmithThere is nothing scarier than hearing the sound of footsteps in your house when you’re home alone at night. If you have a generic door on the front of your house and no alarm system, though, you put the safety and security of your home on the line every night. You never know when someone might get inside through a broken window or after breaking down your front door because your house looks empty. At Emeryville Locksmith, we encourage residents to contact use and find out more about replacing and repairing broken locks and keys with various security door locks options.

    Many of our residential locksmith services relate to locks and keys. When you’re in a hurry, you might accidentally leave your keys on the table next to your front door. You may also find that you lose your keys while at work or running errands around town. With our mobile locksmith services, we can get you back into your home in less time than you expected and for less money too. We’ll come to your home with all the tools and equipment that we need to get that job done.

    Our competitors often send one locksmith to your home. That locksmith may look at your door and decide that he or she needs tools from the home office. By the time the locksmith gets those tools, comes back and finally opens your door, it might be hours later. All of our trucks and vans function as mobile locksmith vehicles that come filled with all the tools and equipment our technicians might need. No matter why you called, your technician can either get your front door open again, change the lock or make you a brand new key without taking a trip back to the office first.

    If you have children, pets or elderly family members living in your home, you’ll definitely want to change your locks after you move in or after you lose your keys. With our changing locks services, we can remove the old lock without causing any damage to your door. We’ll also install a new lock, give you the keys to that lock and ensure that the lock works perfectly before we leave. Some of our clients call us for help during emergency hours too. As a locksmith of urgency, we can come to your home during any time of the day or the night.

    Some of the emergency calls that we respond to relate to residents who locked themselves out of their homes or lost their keys. When you lose your keys, you need to change your lock as soon as possible to keep potential robbers and thieves out of your home. We can install security locks that are stronger and offer more protection than your older locks did.

    We also offer affordable high-security locks & locksmith services for people living in and around the Emeryville area. When you want a company you can trust and someone who will respond to your call at any time of the day, call Emeryville Locksmith.